Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Irma La Douce"...

I recently saw the prettiest little dress form, all dolled up, on Rebecca's blog" A Gathering of Thoughts"... She found it at her local TJ Maxx and showed how she painted it (hers was black to start, she painted it shabby white) and added a beautiful ascot and vintage rhinestone jewelry to pretty it up... I fell in love with it and made an "emergency" trip to my local TJ Maxx (my home away from home)... I was in luck! They had a darling one, smaller than Rebecca's, and already shabby white for $9.99... I immediately snatched her up and brought her home with me... The first thing I did was email Rebecca... since I am very new to the blogging world, and wanting to follow "blog etiquette", I wanted to make sure she did not mind if I posted about mine... Rebecca was so kind and said no problem, and was most gracious in allowing me to put a link to her blog in this post...

Next, I dug into my little stash of vintage ribbons and lace... looking for just the "perfect" silk ribbons and lace for her sash... then oohing and ahhing over my vintage rhinestone jewelry to find just the "perfect" touch of sparkle for her bustier... yes... some pretty pink rhinestone earrings will be just right... then... Voila! ... "Mademoiselle Irma La Douce"... I named her after the 1963 movie starring Shirley MacLaine with the same name, "Irma La Douce"...(which means "Irma the Sweet" in French)... this was sort of an early version of the popular "Pretty Woman" most of you know about today... you must see the old movie!...So cute and sooo French! (set in Paris)...

Here is a close up look at her...

I love these vintage rhinestone earrings I used on her... one of them was broken on the back when I bought them years ago and needed a pretty place to be displayed since I could not wear them... I think "Irma" will enjoy showing them off...

Thank you Rebecca for letting us know about your special find... I love it when ladies are happy to share good things... TJ Maxx really is my "home away from home" and Irma cost a mere $9.99 since I already had the other embellishments... I do not have the room (nor could I probably afford) a full sized dress form, but I am so happy with my little "Mademoiselle"...Tres Chic!... Bisous...


  1. YOU GO GIRL! Ms. Irma LOOKS GREAT! Loving that pink BLING!

    I finally have a button for you....just will have to have my hubbs email you with how to do it. It's on my Blog if you want to go look...upper right had. HTML code is there too! It's ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL so very confusing to me! ACK! what you created girly! Thanks for the NOD! Much appreciated! You did the etiquette things right! :)

    Love, Rebecca

  2. Your blog is so very pretty....gorgeous photography. I, too, have just joined in on White Wednesday.

  3. GORGEOUS! I think I need to make an emergency trip to TJ Maxx too! I love how you embellished her, beautifully done!

  4. Irma is simply dashing! Thanks for sharing her story.

  5. Eeeekkk!!! I LOVE it Julie Marie!!! It is soooo pretty! Guess what? I was at Marshall's yesterday and saw a bunch of those dress forms in different sizes!! I didnt buy one as we were school shopping for the boys :) But now you make me wish I had, lol! GORGEOUS and you did a great job on it too!!

    Love you,

  6. Hello, Julie Marie,
    I love Irma! She is so beautiful! Now I want to try one, too. I think we have a TJ Maxx in Austin. I am going there tomorrow so I will have to have a look. Yes, it has been a little bittersweet today with the beginning of the school year, but I am so thankful I have been able to retire and live life at a little slower pace. Thanks for paying me a visit at Bunny Cottage. Have a wonderful week. Vicki

  7. Dear Julie Marie,

    Irma is so gorgeous!!! You did a wonderful job with her... your bedroom is gorgeous, too! I am so glad you found Irma for such a good price! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Love, Paula

  8. Emergency trip to TJ Maxx - don't I know what that means!! So funny. Here in France now, I have to make mad dashes to the second hand stores and a place called "Babou" which is about as TJ Maxx as you're gonna get in France. The other thing I loved is your name and mention of Irma La Douce. I was just 'jones'ing for a look at Irma dancing on the pool table the other day and I cant find it online! It's one of my favorite movies. I'll bet that's how my pseudonym came to me - has the same amount of syllables and kind of the same flavor. Never occured to me before...

    Take care and thanks for visiting my blog!

    Frenchee le Trip

  9. Ooohhh Julie,
    Your Emmas' cousin is soo beautiful !! What a crack up !! Never knew she had soo many relatives!! And, they are ALL soo pretty !!! Have a wonderful, creative day !!
    hugs ~tea~xo

  10. Irma la douce... quel bon film, en effet.