Friday, August 21, 2009

Inspired by Nature...

If you have followed my blog at all, by now you now what a major part in my life that Nature and all God's precious little creatures play... As much as I love shabby whites and soft pastel pinks in our home, I also love the beautiful colors of Nature... especially in Autumn... forest greens, deep rich browns, striking rusts and burnt oranges... Jack and I start out each morning with our Nature walk... I gather little treasures all along the way... pine cones, feathers, acorns, leaves, bark, whatever catches my eye... I was sooo excited the other day when I went into Robert's Crafts and found this beautiful jar... I DO believe it was made just for me! ...

I knew it would not stay empty long... I gather so many little finds along the way...

It is full already...

Here's a closer look at what's inside...

Our living room is my favorite place in the house... it is so soothing and serene, I love sitting in here with a cup of coffee and just relaxing among some of my Nature inspired finds...

I wanted a beautiful doily to sit on my coffee table underneath my new jar and some other favorite things... I found the perfect vintage doily at Just a Bed of Roses...

It is quite large, just what I was looking for... I scrunched it up around my jar to make a pretty little vignette...

I love hand carved shorebirds... my Snowy Egret and favorite shorebird sitting on a piece of old piling out of the Great Salt Lake that a friend of mine carved for me...

I love these handmade bark candle holders with beeswax candles inside...

My daddy brought this old Bacardi rum bottle home from overseas after serving there in WWII... now filled with lovingly gathered found Pheasant feathers... a small bird nest sits beside it (wooden eggs inside)...

A pretty Autumn silk arrangement...

More of my favorite Autumn colors atop my hall tree... sparkly feathered friends nestled in...

I hope this has inspired you to take in all of the beauty Nature has to offer... inside your home and out...Bisous...


  1. Miss Julie, I've been sewing and I'm just shutting it down for the night. May I just say before I go;

    Perfect jar, perfect doilie, love your style in nature.

  2. I do believe that jar was made just for perfect! Glad you enjoyed filling it as well. Have a wonderful weekend:)


  3. Hi Julie Marie,
    That Nature Walk jar is fantastic. I too pick up everything I can get my hands on while on walks, even huge twigs. Isn't it wonderful picking something up and then recalling that much later, that special memory? The jar is perfect for you and atop that doily it's very nice. I like the bottle your father brought back from the war, it's special momentos from family that mean the most.

    I have to add, love the animals at your sidebar. My pooch, Zeke is blogging pals with sweet Renoir. That TT Rabbit is precious just like June. Well, all the animals are very precious.

    Happy weekend!

  4. I forgot to mention Jo-Anne's Jessy and I'll feel terrible if I don't mention him as well ;)

  5. Tracie... I would love to feature Zeke on my sidebar as well! Check your email... Julie Marie

  6. Hello, Julie Marie,
    Your jar to hold your nature walk finds is wonderful. It looks perfect with the beautiful doily. I noticed you had a wasp nest. I always tried to take a wasp nest, bird nest, feathers and any other things I could find in nature to share with my students at school. They, then, would bring in things that they had found in nature. It was always amazing to examine a bird's nest and see all the string, yarn, paper, sticks, etc. the birds had used to make their nest. Thanks for sharing the beauty of nature with us today. Vicki

  7. What a beautiful collection of things from nature. Very peaceful.

  8. Hi Julie Marie.

    Glad you came by.

    Love your jar!! "Nature Walk Collection". Love it,and it goes right along with the path i am on right now too. Walking in nature,and appreciating all God has blessed us with around us.
    I'm just working on some little boxes along the same line as your jar.

    fun fun!!

    Barbara Jean

  9. Bonjour Julie Marie,
    Zeke is so happy over there on your sidebar with his friends. Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Dear Julie Marie,

    I love God's precious little creatures and enjoy His creation so much. I love your nature jar!!!! I have never seen anything like that. It is simply wonderful. I enjoy nature walks and collecting the beautiful things I find. I am sure I would have my jar filled up, just like you! I love the doily and all the pretty things you included in your lovely vignette! Your living room is so beautiful and peaceful looking.

    All of your nature inspired decorations are so pretty. I love Autumn colors, too.

    Have a blessed weekend!
    Love, Paula

  11. Oh Julie Marie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a nature walk jar!! That is the coolest! How beautiful is your living room!! I love it, the color of your sofa is so beautiful! I love your nature inspired decor. I too am such a nature lover and try to keep as much of it's beauty and inspiration in my home!

    Love and hugs,