Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank~you Sweet Blogger Nature Lovers...

If you have followed my fairly~new blog at all, you know that Nature plays a major role in my life...I love All God's Creatures, and I am sure I have used those exact words time and time again... Through the years, Jack and I have rescued everything from dogs and cats to porcupines and raccoons, birds of all kinds, pheasants, any one of God's precious little creatures who needs a helping hand... I would rather go without food myself if it meant the money was needed to save a little ones life ... I recently met two beautiful bloggers who, from reading their blogs and comments, share my passion... I want to shout it out to the world when I hear stories like theirs... So, I am going to! One is caring for a baby Dove and one is caring for a baby Starling... Below is a photo of me several years ago with a little Starling we rescued (unfortunately it was from my cat, who snuck out and got ahold of her, but quickly let her go when I yelled at him to do so)... Her wing was broken but after taking her to a local vet who takes care of wild birds as well, we learned that with time, love, and care she would heal if we were willing to take on the responsibility... Of course we were, and her rehabilitation began...

My crafts room at the time became "her" room...Jack named her "Stella" and went right out to buy a little cage for her...Each day, I would wrap her up in a little towel, she looked like a little burrito, then Jack would hold her and I would give her the anti-biotics...then put the Neosporen on her little broken wing... that is a red Ace bandage you can see on her wing in the photo... Soon she was feeling much better, and swinging on the little swing...

With regular visits to the vet, Stella was steadily improving... my bathroom was turned into a little "aviary" so she could learn to fly again... Then it was more flying lessons at the vet's office... One day he told us it was time to release Stella... Stella had "imprinted" on us though, and we worried about setting her free, since she had become used to being held and fed and loved... I cried thinking about letting her go but knew she wanted to "spread her wings and fly" once more... I contacted the Ogden Nature Center... the next day Stella was released there, with over 152 acres of preserved beauty...She flew fast and strong, over to a flock of other Starlings who reside there... I cried and cried... but they were tears of joy... I will never forget this little bird who brought so much hope and faith into my life... a neighbor we had back then told us we were "really foolish people to spend that kind of money on a scavenger bird, why did we bother saving it!"... Jack asked him how he knew this wasn't the Lord himself testing our compassion...the neighbor had no answer...except to continue to call us foolish. I have little use (let's make that NO use) for people with that mentality...and would choose that little bird over the neighbor any day... This is just one of the many "saves" in our lives... I am so blessed to share my life with a man who feels the same way I do about these little creatures...

So to my new friends, Sandra at Romantic Inspirations http://romantiqueinspirations.blogspot.com/ and Tina, Sepiadreams at Dream in Cream http://dreamincream.blogspot.com/ I want to say "Thank you sweet ladies" from the bottom of my heart... I know you are not doing this for any recognition or reward, the greatest gift you will receive is seeing your little "save" fly away to become a mama Dove or mama Starling one day herself... Much love to both of you ladies and to our little feathered friends...I hope everyone who reads my post will please visit each of these ladies blogs and be inspired by their stories and their lives... I am!

If you too are a Nature lover, please visit the Ogden Nature Center at http://www.ogdennaturecenter.org/. Even if you do not live close by, you will enjoy your visit online and learn so many things about the every day beauty of Nature... My life would not be complete without it...

One of my favorite songs is "Grandma's Song" by Gail Davies... it reminds me so of my gentle, caring mother...who is no longer here... my favorite part of the song is "there was not a living thing that she did not love, and I pray that there is a little of her in me"... Thank you mama, for giving me the gift of your love of Nature along with all of the other beautiful things in life you gave me...


  1. Love this post!!! Thank you for your kind and gracious words. How coud anyone pass up any of these beautiful creatures-they all deserve the chance to live if we are lucky enough to achieve that with care......LOve Tiina......

  2. What a beautiful testament to your love of all God's creatures. We've talked about this before and you know that I love animals and nature as well. I loved Jack's response to your neighbor for saying that it was silly to save Stella, your Jack is a wise man.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, it truly warmed my heart!

    Big hugs to you!

  3. Dear Sepia Dreams and Karyn, thank you both for sharing my passion about All God's Creatures!

  4. Julie, I'm afraid I was raised by a women who didn't like animals. I'm so sorry to admit, but I don't have any feelings for many animals, except birds. I rescued a moma starling, everybody around me didn't want them around. I let her build a next on my porch where she had her 4 baby starlings. They kept coming back for 4 years.

    I do love the people that love animals. They are the very sweetest.

  5. Dear Cindy, it is never too late to care about all God's creatures...I can sense that you are a very loving, caring person, with love to share for all the little critters too! Look deep inside your heart, it is there...

  6. Sweet Julie,
    You have the heart of an angel you do..Your post brought tears to me knowing how much care and love you had for Gods helpless little creatures..Your husband is a wise man who shares your innocent spirit of life and love...How wonderful!
    God Bless you angel friend,

  7. Oh Julie,
    I couldn't get here fast enough when I heard you were writing about the critters. How sweet you are to have mentioned Tina and I with our little birds. It is so nice to meet other people that have the same passion as I do. My husband is the same way about critters and believe me we had a share through our marriage. Actually its been like that all my life. There are so many people out there that don't have what we have, the ones that really do something to save the animals lives when in danger. I could go on and on with so many experiences that I had with animals, that people would think I'm crazy. Thank so much Julie for sharing your beautiful story with us, it meant a great deal to me. Your my kind of girl- please keep in touch. Just email me when you want. I would love to talk with you more on this subject when you and I have the time.

    Take care my friend-

  8. Wow! If I could stop crying I might be able to type better. Thank you for being so compassionate. So many aren't, especially where animals are concerned. It makes me sad that a lot of people do not realize the importance of animals and that if the animals die, we die. We are all meant to be here and to coexist. I try never to kill anything. (Spiders need a home, too, and as long as they don't bother me, why should I bother them?) I have a hummingbird feeder right outside my kitchen door. My ex took one of the cover thingys off so that the other birds can drink as well. I have wrens and finches and oriels and no matter how many times I tell them they are not hummingbirds, they continue to drink from the feeder.

  9. Dear Sandra and Tamerie, how wonderful to have met two more beautiful ladies who love Nature like I do! I will be following both of your blogs and keeping up with everything that goes on in your lives, especially with our little critter friends. Tamerie, we also have a "transport kit" to carry spiders outside, we don't kill them either! I would love to see a picture of all the other birdies drinking at your hummer feeder!

  10. What a sweet post to your friends and your love of nature! We found an injured bird in our yard recently and took him over to the nearby forest preserve rescue. Sadly he didn't make it...I was upset about it for days. Good for you for loving and caring for all of those injured animals!

    :) T

  11. Sweet Tracey...you did all you could to try to save that little birdie, that is what is so important, thank you...

  12. Hi Julie Marie, I so appreciate your compassion for creatures. I have a thing for birds. And while I don't know a lot about the different species, I am an avid bird lover. When I plant a tree or shrub in my garden, I think about the birds that will use it for protection or for food. I love the robin familes that nest in our garden and raise their little ones here. I have a lot of mourning doves that come by later in the season and use the birdbaths. It just thrills me to share with all these wonderful creatures.
    Thank you for the great post.

  13. "Mother Nature"...your new name!

    Sorry,I do have to kill the flies...this country living makes me hate them, have for 13 years. They ruin my white painted porches.
    Still not sure about all the hornets...you will have to convince me on that one.
    Love your compassion though and your example, Julie "mother nature".

  14. Julie...This is a precious Post. I'm reminded of a scripture (and even a song) that says this:

    "Consider the lilies they don't toll or spin and there's not a King with more splendor than them. Consider the sparrow they don't plan, nor sow, but their fed by the Master who watches them grow".

    How wonderful for you to care for anything (human or non) that is suffering...hurting. I think you carry within you such a deep, lasting compassion that honors the Most High.

    We can all learn from your giving, trusting heart.

    So happy you visited me today.