Sunday, July 19, 2009

Berry Sweet Surprises...

My sister, my nieces, and I love to surprise each other with special "little somethings" all the time...we are always thinking about each other... I love them all so much... Today I went to see the little 1940's cottage my sister and her family are renovating... I want to live there! It reminds me of the cute little cottages I see in Romantic Country magazine, smallish, with lovely gardens, a secluded patio, and a sense of days~gone~by... They are not sure if they will rent it out to someone or I told her it should be their little "weekend getaway" house... it is just sooo charming... I will do a special post about it when the renovation is complete...

Jill had gone Friday to a quaint little old cafe in the historic town of Morgan, Utah called the "Spring Chicken Inn"...she happened into the gift shop (of course) and bought me this cute little ant flying an airplane called "Berry Air" since I have been buying so many berries lately to eat, and make jam, and eat, and eat... It reminded her of the vintage 50's anthropomorphic fruit figurines I collect, plus Jack is a pilot... Thanks Jill!

Filly and Ellie brought me yummy coffee from a recent trip to Vegas, and Liz brought me a cute Flower Fairy magnet and Flower Fairy tin filled with rose~flavored mints from Rainbow Gardens gift shop in Ogden... Thank you so much girls!!! ( I do believe shopping is in all of our blood... Jack rushed me to the hospital several years ago at 2 a.m. with what turned out to be a kidney stone... they put me on morphine, for the first time in my life, because the pain was so excruciating... which made me "pretty much out of it." Later the nurses told me the doctor was upset with me because I would not lay in bed and I kept asking him if the gift shop was still open... I don't know WHAT his problem was...)

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  1. What thoughtful gifts. Surprises like that make life so much fun. You have a wonderful sister and nieces. And if there was a shopping olympics you would get the gold! I love your story. Not even a trip to the hospital will keep you down. hehe

    Have a great day!