Thursday, July 23, 2009

Idyllhours BFF Award...

After receiving several sweet emails from Karyn at French Charming, I wanted to thank her somehow for all of her kind words and encouragement for me to continue with my blog...So I have made up my own "blog award" for Karyn, the Idyllhours BFF Award...(Blogger Favorite Friend)...thank you sweet Karyn, I will pick out something very special to send you from my little secret stash of vintage "saves"...


  1. My eyes have been filled with tears most of the day, I have been so overwhelmed by the amazing outpouring of blog land love! You just made me totally bawl like a baby! This is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said or done for me!

    It is such a beautiful award and I am so honored to be the first recepient and I will pass it on to some very special ladies.

    And if this wasn't enough you want to send me a special gift from your secret stash of vintage treasures. It would be an honor to receive something that you thought was beautiful and special, but I must tell you that getting to know you is the best treasure of all.

    Thank you so very much, I adore you and glady call you my Blogger Favorite Friend.


  2. I made this award up to thank Karyn from French Charming...dear bloggers... please do not feel that you need to pass this on on my account, I know how busy you all are! I have read several blogs that say they do not want awards. If you still choose to, then have fun! Blogger ladies are the best!