Thursday, July 30, 2009

Farmers Market...just keeps getting better...

Today was Farmers Market day again in Bountiful... I met my sister Jill and my niece Liz there... First stop, this adorable little farmer selling, my favorite...fresh~picked tomatoes! When I asked him if I could take his picture, he wanted to be holding up his precious!

Of course I bought a bagful, look at these beauties...

As you can see from the photos, I can not pass up a stand with tomatoes of any kind... yummy cherry tomatoes in my shopping bag next...

This cute mother and daughter have the prettiest display of veggies...

"Dino's Doggie Delicatessen"... featuring gourmet doggie biscuits... Dino is my dad's precious Italian Greyhound who my niece inherited when my dad passed away...

Their booth looked so cute, and many people brought their little doggies to the market today, hope they sniffed out Dino's Delicatessen...

Next I bought super yummy apricots that came from Brigham City ( which is up north a ways from me)...

Onions are always on my list... how cute these are displayed...

Then I met the two cutest guys in the world at Charlie Boys Pit Barbeque...aren't they adorable in their coveralls and straw hats...They had the most luscious smelling pork cooking and my mouth was watering... They have a catering business down south of me with the same name.

They were so sweet when I asked them if I could take their picture... then my niece Liz took one of me with them... then these two cuties sent home two bbq pork sandwiches with me for our dinner...would not let me pay... (I will get even with you next week!)

Jack and I ate the delicious sandwiches the minute I walked in the door... dinner was later than usual tonight as I spent so much time talking to these new friends... thanks guys! See you next Thursday...


  1. What a lovely day you had! The tomato farmer is adorable, I have such a weakness for old men!

    The doggie treats look interesting and how great that they will soon have an online store! My Toby loves his treats, do you know if these are of the healthy sort? Are they all natural? Just curious, we try and feed Toby healthy natural foods.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely day!


  2. Karyn, they are all natural, homemade, with the ingredients listed on the bottom of the going in the mail to Toby tomorrow with kisses from me!

  3. Julie, thanks for letting me go to the Farmers Market with you this morning, even if it was from my computer. I've been having some treatments on my degenerating disks in my lower back the last couple of weeks. I'm trying to get a blog together, maybe tomorrow.

    I love how you include the people behind the tables and veggy's.

  4. We have some really good Farmer's Markets around San Diego. There is one in Coronado on Tuesdays but it is very small and I never remember to go. I think the best one is on Sundays in La Jolla. They have more than just foods. They have 'stuff' as well. In fact, I used to have a booth at the market. It's how I built my business initially. It looks like yours is a good one too.

  5. ooh I just love farmer's markets. We have an awesome one in Hailey. I hear that Ketchum (Sun Valley) also has a good one, but I haven't checked that one out yet. You look so cute here posing with 'the boys'.

  6. Your photos look fabulous Julie..Ive never seen apricots at a farmers market before, wow, what a treat!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend my dear sweet friend!

  7. Hi Julie! Thank you for letting me know you stopped by my blog. It looks like we have more things in common than a love of purses! I think Italian Greyhounds are such neat dogs. And I noticed on your sidebar you love the song I Hope You Dance ~ me too, it's full of words to live by.