Thursday, July 23, 2009

"The Dog Days of Summer"...

I grew up with the saying that this incredibly HOT, HOT time of year is called "The dog days of summer"... you know, where it is just too hot to do much of anything... I decided to interview some of my doggie pals and see how they are handling the heat... First I asked "Pico", my sister Jill and her family's Yorkie... Pico said:

"I just grin and BARE it"...

Next I asked "Dino", my dad's Italian Greyhound, who my niece Filly inherited when my dad passed away but we all consider him ours... Dino said:

"I try to take my Nature walk early in the morning or later in the evening when it is not so hot... I don't have much hair and I sunburn easily, so I always wear a tee shirt...I try to behave on my walk so they will take me to get a hamburger...or an ice cream..."

Next I chatted with "Stormie", a Border Collie I rescued and my sister Jill and her family welcomed into their home... Stormie said:

"I LOVE to roll in the cool grass and have my tummy scratched..."

Next up, "Pita" my neighbor's Pomeranian... Pita replied:

"I love to come visit Julie and Jack... it is cool inside their house and they give me treats..."

Then I caught up with "Piper" my neighbor's Papillion, as she was going for her walk... Piper answered:

"This HOT summer sun makes even more freckles on my nose..."

I have already shown my neighbor "DeeDee", a French Poodle, with her mom Cherie in the background, on a previous post, but DeeDee wanted to comment on her latest hairdo I did for her... Dee Dee said:

"I just LOVE this French twist Julie did for me the other day... it really does keep me alot cooler with my hair "up" and I feel so pretty in ribbons and lace... it brings out the "French" in me..."

The last to be interviewed were the little Jack Russells on our walk... They said:

"Dog days? What's dog days?...We were just born this year...Hey! Is there a puppy days???"...

So, now you have the latest "scoop"on dog days... (How could I have "paw~sibly" just said that???)...


  1. That was so cute! You had me laughing.

  2. You are so clever! Too doggone cute! (sorry!)

    All of them are are precious, I had a Border Collie named Emily and she was the smartest, most human-like dog I have ever known.

    I was commenting on the BFF post and I went to post my comment and and it wouldn't let me???



  3. Karyn, I hit "publish" on that BFF post instead of "save to draft"! So I pulled it for now, Sorry! Check your email! I explained...

  4. So cute! Renoir says, "I like to go for a swim in the pond, drink lots of cold water, and sleep in the central air." ;)

  5. Hi, I visit you blog every day and love the variety of subjects you share, but today was just the best!!! I have never had a dog, but always thought it would be nice to have one. Maybe when I retire I'll take the plunge. Thanks for the share. el

  6. Dear Alice, I would love to see a photo on your blog of sweet Renoir swimming in the pond, that would be so cute!

    Dear el, thank you so much for visiting my blog every day. You would love having a dog,they are all precious!

  7. thanks for visiting my blog today, just having a look around your lovely blog :) have a super weekend!

  8. Hey Julie Marie!
    This post is the cutest ever! I love these little cuties and you are so clever! This heat is terrible and you've given it some relief in making us smile!!!!
    You have such a cute blog, I love it!
    everything vintage

  9. I just love this post. So very cute and look at all your doggie friends. Adorable.

  10. What a darling post!!! I love the beautiiful dogs in your life. Such a smart Italian Greyhoud to cover up. I lost my Whippet 2 years ago to from skin cancer. She was 11. In case I haven't already said this, I Love Your Blog. Thank you for the lovely message you left about my studio.

  11. Miss Julie, I don't seem to be able to make contact with you on you e-mail so I'll answer your question here. I want that black and white zebra one with the red handles and the red corner and bottom.

    Have a great day.

  12. Because a serious allergy of my husband, we can't have cat and dog at home.

    But... we have a little chinchilla. His name: Mr Grisou La Peluche. We play with him everyday, like a cat... Curious, I know. We love him so much.