Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tres chic...

I received a gift certificate to TJ Maxx from my sister for my birthday recently... I wanted to find something really beautiful to spend it on... I think I found it... I LOVE these gorgeous vintage~look French steamer trunks! They are perfect for storing so many things, my journals, magazines, photos, mementos, what~have~you, and look fabulous!

P.S. Jeni, they had two more... I think they qualify for an "emergency" shopping trip! P.P.S. The lovely satin heart pillow was a gift from Jeni's sweet mom to me... Merci, Elaine!


  1. Wow, how fun and breath taking. You really make me want to be French.

  2. Cindy,thank you again! I love my French heritage, even though I am only one~fourth French. I will be doing an upcoming post on fun French words and phrases soon!

  3. Why yes, that is worthy of some emergency shopping. Thanks for letting me know. They look like they came straight from France. Good find.