Friday, June 12, 2009

A Haunting Passion...

June 12th, 2009...

I am drawn to this place. I am not sure by what... (or who?)... The obvious answer would be by the breathtakingly beautiful roses. But there is something more... This is the same little old abandoned store in the photo next to a previous post about my childhood. It is not on my way to anywhere I am going today, yet I suddenly realize I am here... I pull to the side of the road and get out of my car. Something is calling for me to take a closer look...

The roses, of course! That's it! But my mind is saying "there is still something more..." Every one of my senses tells me this is not a frightening thing. I admire the roses, the old wooden fence is overflowing with them...

The building is very old and paint is flaking everywhere, yet the roses appear as if someone has lovingly tended to them...

I can not see through the old screened windows, yet I have that uncanny feeling that comes over you when you believe someone is watching you...

Could it be a previous owner, long gone from this life, but still comes here to tend to the roses?...Is it because they know how much I treasure all things from the past, and the people whose lives they were a part of?...

I must think more about all of this... before I return... again... soon...


  1. Stunning roses. What a pretty place to visit.

  2. How beautiful! And I find lots of beauty and character in old, flaky paint as well. :)

  3. Hello Julie,

    What a beautiful post! You should write, Julie, you have such feeling in your posts.

    The oil painting is just beautiful!

    And those roses are gorgeous! I too love old buildings like that. I wonder who lived there, what they're life was like . . . .

    Have a beautiful day!


  4. Beautiful post, Julie, Marie!! The pictures are just gorgeous. The contrast of the roses against the peeling paint is awesome. I can see why you stop by. The oil painting is pretty , too. Thanks for sharing, sweet lady! :-)


  5. What lovely thoughts, Julie Marie.
    The house does look shabby, but it looks in fairly good shape.
    Those roses are gorgeous. Isn't it lovely to dream...julie
    I will be keeping up with this.

  6. It does draw you doesn't it? Julie Marie, it is like the roses are so beautiful to call to you saying look at where I live. Someone once loved me, nourished me, even though they are gone, and the paint is fading away. It was a grand place to be even though it is small.
    Take Care!

  7. dearest Julie Marie,
    thank you for popping over. I've missed you all my dear blogger friends.
    your post is beautiful. yes, there's something about that place which is enticing me as well and certainly is not only because of those gorgeour roses. i love the contrast between the beauty of the roses and the shabby looking place. Who knows my dear, maybe someone from heaven is really watching you and thanking you from above for your love and care for this place, once home to some sweet flower-loving person.

  8. Yes I know that feeling of being in a magical place and you don't know why you are so drawn to it..about 29 years ago in San Francisco I was walking down this street off Union Square..i had never been there in my life.Suddenly I came across this old abandoned house.overgrown with roses and a huge wrought iron gate.I swear I had been there before and yearned to go inside.Against my better judgement I kept walking and to this day I wonder why that mysterious place captured me. I love your little special dejavu house and wish we could go there together! I miss you,thanks for keeping up with my blog...Ive been sick but am better now and will be visiting your wonderful post again soon! aloha anna

  9. Julie Marie,
    Someone must be watering those roses. I like your theory that whoever was there is long gone. It sounds mystical. You are drawn there because someone, at some point in time, cut that wood, painted it white, planted the roses, built the fence and put their energy into making it welcoming. And in it's state of disrepair it is still welcoming. It's other-worldly. Amy

  10. Hi Julie Marie!
    It is no secret that rambling roses and chippy buildings speak to so many ... they remind us of other people and places (sometimes actual people and places, sometimes created in our imagination or our heart).
    Thank you for sharing it with us .... and ditto on the cranky blogger lately!
    Betty :)

  11. Hello Julie Marie,
    There is an old abandoned home in a tiny town near us with a very similar story. Gorgeous yellow roses continue to grow there every summer despite no one living there, and like you, I am in love with the place. I think I'm drawn to it, because someone very lovingly planted those roses, and although they are gone now, the roses continue to share their story.
    Lovely painting by Jo~Anne! I met her years ago via the internet - her work is stunning.
    Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for sharing your story!

  12. I know what you mean. I am drawn to certain places and want to know all about the people that lived there, their lives, their loves. Probably why I got my degree in history and why I love vintage so much. I am drawn to the past. Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment on my little ballerina that is now 5'8". I guess that is the future calling me as well.

  13. G'morn, sweet Julie Marie ~ What a lovely spot, sweet roses, memories of yore. I love it!

    I think we may all have a 'spot' like this ... take me away!
    Love ya! Marydon

  14. Good day Julie Marie,

    What a beautiful post as always. Not long ago, I visited this post on your recommendation. It is truly lovely.

    it is raining her today so those roses are a breath of fresh air!

    Blessings to you friend,


  15. Hi, Julie Marie,
    I have read this post before and loved it! I am not sure why you feel drawn to it, but I get the sense that the previous owner must have loved this place very much. The beautiful roses growing there attests to this! I am so glad you have the beautiful painting to celebrate the beauty of it all! Hope your week is going well, dear friend! Sending lots of love your way! Vicki

  16. Darling, you are very welcome, my pleasure entirely. You and your blog deserve much more for the beauty, grace, charm and talent you post for our pleasure. I thank you for being an unconditionally kind follower…visiting me even when I am unable to return the visit and for leaving the most eloquent and sweet comments ever. Thank you luv.

    Love & Hugs