Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day...

Jack and I found this tattered little flag lying in the roadway after the 4th of July parade last year in our little hometown. We knew we could not leave it there so we gently picked it up and placed it in the grass beneath a towering pine at a local business. We would check on it each day when we walked past that spot. One day towards winter we decided we should bring it home or it would surely not survive the harsh sleet and snow that was to come... Today I will place it in a flowerpot on my front porch, among the nemesia and bacopa... I love this tattered little flag... and I am so proud to be an American!...


  1. What a precious flag that you have kept a good watchful eye over.

    p.s. Cute new photo.

  2. Such a nice rescue! I forgot it was flag day...Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have really enjoyed reading yours. Stop by anytime.

  3. The flag on the front porch is not popular in Québec.

    When I go in United States, I see flags every where. That's nice to see and exotic for me.

    Québec City