Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The day I met Jenni B...

One day last summer I was out at Just a Bed of Roses in Farmington, Utah doing a little shopping... (ok, I was doing ALOT of shopping!) I had my eye on some yummy looking miniature cupcakes that were out on a pretty vintage platter. Brenda, the shop's owner, puts out little plates of goodies for her customers to nibble on while they are shopping. I was trying to decide if I wanted a chocolate one or a white one. Since I usually spend a couple of hours there, I decided to take one of each. Just then the cutest young lady walked in the door and Brenda excitedly called out "the cupcake lady!" I must have felt guilty taking "two" so I quickly set them back down.

I started eavesdropping on their, actually I just plain stood right there and listened to it. It was then that I realized this cute young lady was the one who made these scrumptious looking little pretties. What I didn't know was they were faux cupcakes, even the frosting that looked like it had just been whipped up!

Soon Brenda introduced me to Jenni B. Turns out Jenni is originally from Utah, in fact, I went all through school with her dad, Ted. (I had a secret crush on him in junior high, all the girls did! I am not good at keeping secrets, but I kept that one until I told Jenni that day!)

I knew I must buy some of these adorable little cupcakes, so I picked out five of them, assorted colors and "flavors". Jenni is as sweet as her cupcakes, she signed the bottom of each one "To Julie, JenniB." She even signed the cute little cupcake tag on my vintage cake dome you see in the photo of my precious little cupcakes! Then, I found out Jenni taught MARTHA STEWART how to make these! Wow! A beautiful celebrity right from my own hometown! You can go to Jenni's site at and see Jenni in action on the show! On her site you can also read about something really special she is planning for later this year...

The day I met Jenni B... It's a Good Thing!!! (Sorry Martha, I just HAD to say that... you don't OWN that or anything, do you ???)...


  1. Oh that was a really fun day when Jeni came walking through the door. She is as humble as pie and so smart and nice inside, let alone her beauty outside.
    So glad you were shopping that day Julie, you told the story of this experience so well.
    Jeni B. do you realize even now that its not every day someone gets to be on the Martha stewart show? Chance of a lifetime and you did it in your 20's?
    Looking forward to "snow days" everyone, Christmas is getting planned (well, some days!)

  2. I just bought the cutest Jenni B. chocolate cake yesterday at Just a Bed of Roses. Oh, I love it! She is a talented designer.

    p.s. Does Jack know about this secret crush? Or is it our little secret? hehe

  3. Julie, you are too kind! You really make me sound like some sort of celebrity! Hehe!

    I really did enjoy meeting you and Jayna and Brenda that day. It's such a fun memory! I hope we can replay it again when I get to Utah in a couple of months!!

    Jenni B

  4. Oh Jenni, you ARE some kind of celebrity, the BEST kind! I am excited for all the special things you are planning for us here in Utah later this year, I will definitely be there!